By: The Ladies Abroad

5 Unique Places to Visit in 2020

2019 has come and gone and 2020 is getting all of our attention!

Are you wanting to plan a trip but have no idea where you want to go? We get how confusing it can be, so that's why your friends at The Ladies Abroad are here to save the day!

Are you ready for our Top 5 Spectacular Places to Visit in 2020 list? Let's get to it!

By: Rachel

Scared to Travel Alone?

Book a Tour

I especially think you should book a tour if you’re scared to travel. Anxiety shouldn’t stop you from traveling the world. At all.


And I want to say, loud and clear, that booking a tour is a great way to ease yourself into travel.

By: Stella

How to Achieve the Goals You Want, Not The Ones You Think You Should

Till the age of 18 I had a plan. I was going to school, getting good grades, making my family proud. Then at 18 I was free.

Something I always dreamed of – free to choose what I want to do with my life.


Well, kinda.


By: Hannah

Hannah's Time with

The Ladies Abroad

WARNING* This post may get a tad bit sappy but here goes:

I don’t know where to start and I don’t want to overwhelm any of my beautiful readers but all I can say is this:


"Amazing Things Happen When You Let Go of Expectations."

By: Summer

5 Reasons Why You Should Take More Risks

Life is a crazy ride for sure, but you know what will make it even more fun of a ride? Taking more risks. There is a time to say “no”, but there’s also a time to say, “yes!”


I’m someone who’s always been more cautious about decisions and life, but lately, I have been wanting to step out to take more risks.

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