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How It Works

You're probably curious as to how everything works. No problem, we'll break it down:

Step #1: Sign Up

  • First things first, sign up for a trip that you're interested in.

  • You can choose as many trips as you'd like! 

  • Be sure to correctly fill out the form to avoid having to go back and filling it out again.

Step #2: Receive Your Approval Email

  • Once we've received your sign up form, you'll receive an email.

  • Please give us at least 24-48 hours to respond.

Step #3: Making Your Deposit & Other Payments

we only accept payments via paypal.

  • Alright, it's time to put your deposit down!

  • Your deposit automatically secures your spot on the trip you applied to attend.

  • All deposit are usually 25% of the overall trip price.

  • All trips can be paid through a payment plan, which is determined based on the number of months we have left until the start of the trip.

  • Payment plans are usually broken up into four equal payments, but depending on how many months we have left until the start of the trip, there is flexibility for smaller payments to be made.

  • After your deposit is made, as well as other payments, you will be emailed an invoice via PayPal.

Step #4: Connect with the Other Ladies

  • We get that you may be a little nervous about meeting the other ladies, so that's why we'll add everyone to a private IG/FB group and/or a WhatsApp group chat.

  • Doing this will allow you to get to know each other before the start of the trip! Feel free to exchange social media handles and see if you're in the same city/state/town/country! You guys could even fly in together!

Step #5: It's Time to Take Off

  • Pack your bags and get ready to take off!

  • Once you've booked your flight, we'll request your itinerary so we can arrange your pick up from the airport.

We also assist with finding flights. just let us know what date you'd like to take off and return. as well as, which airport you'll be departing from.