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you're here because...

You have a desire to travel and see the world but you have no one serious enough to join you. Maybe your friends and family have shown an interest in a particular destination but when it's time to secure accommodation and book flights, you only hear crickets. Of course, you could travel 100% solo, but maybe you're not ready for that step yet and you'd prefer company. 

does this also sound like you?

You're tired of being disappointed by friends who never follow through with travel plans.

You're ready to travel to bucket-list destinations.

You're ready to step outside your comfort zone and discover a new part of yourself.

You want to connect with other like-minded women.


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I attended the Amalfi Coast trip in March and overall it was such a great experience! Nana, our group leader, was extremely knowledgeable of the area and how to navigate through the towns and transportation systems which def helped increase my confidence and comfortability.


The Amalfi Coast was my first "solo trip" and I wouldn't have done it any other way. From the activities to our mini photoshoots, to getting to meet the other girls. I feel like my trip was so worth it! Would def go back, and see what the other destinations are about!

This was a one-in-a-lifetime chance that I couldn’t pass up and I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t chicken out and decide to not go last minute because that really was a possibility for a quick second. I’ll never forget the memories I made or the girls I traveled with. It was an unbelievable experience and I can only hope that if anyone out there reading this gets a similar opportunity, that you take it in a heartbeat!!

Wrapping up, I also wanted to give a huge thanks to The Ladies Abroad organization which was founded by Nana Arasah. I couldn’t think of a cooler concept for a company and if you haven’t heard of them or looked them up, you need to! She has so many exciting and fun destinations coming up (including Italy) and the best part? Everything is planned for you! It’s so simple and easy. The hardest part is deciding where you want to vacay next!!

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I was in your same position...

I'm the founder of The Ladies Abroad. I started this company because I understand having the desire to travel but not having anyone to travel with. I would always rely on my friends and family to travel with me but everyone's schedule never aligned or they were never really serious in the first place. The people in your circle may not have the same desire to travel as you, but let me tell you, there are so many women in the world who do! One day I told myself that I'm going to stop waiting on others to see the world and found myself on my first solo trip to Rome. I enjoy planning things, so this trip was very fun to put together.


Let me say that I am a very reserved person, but I refused to let that part of myself stop me from seeing the world. I truly did outgrow my comfort zone. I've accomplished so much in my life and have traveled to over 15+ countries since 2016 and even found myself living in London where I received my master's degree in 2017. 


My goal for The Ladies Abroad is to inspire and encourage women to travel, meet new people, and do things outside their comfort zone.

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