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Written by Rachel of Blond Wayfarer

I especially think you should book a tour if you’re scared to travel. Anxiety shouldn’t stop you from traveling the world. At all. And I want to say, loud and clear, that booking a tour is a great way to ease yourself into travel.

Here Are a Few Benefits of Booking Tours for Solo Travelers - Especially if You're Nervous

1. You immediately meet new friends. 


If you’re shy about randomly approaching people in hostels, then a guided tour is for you! Aim to book tours that only take 10-25 travelers per tour. I enjoyed my smaller tours way more than my gigantic ones. A 50 person coach gives me hives. Trust me, I speak from experience here. Also select tours based on your travel style. You don’t wanna be stuck on a bus filled with senior citizens if you’re 18 and vice versa.

2. You don’t have to worry about missing a train, ferry, or bus. 


Public transportation frustrates the living crap out of me. Even NJ Transit has the potential to give me a migraine. NYC Penn Station, anyone? If you suffer from anxiety or are simply a nervous person, removing the public transportation hurdles can be a big help and allows you to enjoy your trip more.

3. You can enjoy a country that you wouldn’t necessarily feel comfortable navigating yourself. 


Let’s be honest. Some countries are easier to navigate than others. For an English-speaking Westerner, it’s much easier to go around England than Papua New Guinea. There’s nothing wrong booking a tour to experience more challenging destinations on your bucket list. I’m sure I’ll do it myself in the near future.


4. You will have spare time to enjoy the sites and restaurants. 


Most tours offer their guests free time to explore a city or town. Read itineraries carefully. If you’re a slow traveler, you don’t want to book a tour that boasts about being a “whirlwind” experience. To be honest, the tour I was on moved way, way, way too fast for me. However, a lot of tours have built in slack time. For example, I had a chance to break away from the pack and explore Whistler alllll alone on my tour of the Canadian Rockies. It was awesome.