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Creative Director & Trip Leader

Dani is a full-time influencer who enjoys providing her engaged audience with information on beauty, health/fitness, and other lifestyle tips.


She enjoys participating in photoshoots, bringing creative ideas to life, traveling, and inspiring women to follow their dreams. Dani has worked with many well-known brands to assist them in content creating. She also runs an award-winning food account called @thedallasyum. She will be joining The Ladies Abroad as a Creative Director/Trip Leader to assist our photographer in helping to capture your best moments on our trips!

Instagram: @littlemixico



Director of Operations & Trip Leader

Olivia is a full-time Junior Fashion Agent and part-time content creator with a passion for travel.


She enjoys expressing herself through fashion and encouraging women to discover their style and other aspects of life. Olivia has an extensive background in trip and event planning and will ensure that each trip runs smoothly from start to finish. She will also be providing you with helpful information! Olivia will be joining The Ladies Abroad as our Director of Operations/Trip Leader.

Instagram: @liv.dominique



Director of Zen & Trip Leader

Ashley is a solo traveler who enjoys inspiring others to live their best lives.


She enjoys helping women along their journey of self-love and assisting them to pursue the life that they desire. She also enjoys meditating, yoga, and providing herself with the tools necessary to live a happy and successful life. Ashley will be providing you with self-love, meditation, and manifesting sessions. She will be joining The Ladies Abroad as the Director of Vibes/Trip Leader. 

Instagram: @ashleyamellia


IG Coordinator & Trip Leader

Sydney is a full-time nursing student and part-time blogger/stylist with an eye for detail.


Sydney enjoys expressing her creativity by participating in photoshoots and assisting women to unleash their inner beauty. She loves all things social media and will be joining The Ladies Abroad team as our IG coordinator.

Instagram: @syd.nguyen