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Why You Should  Join Us

Discover your potential

Attending a trip with The Ladies Abroad will open your eyes to a world you may have never known. Each trip you will be able to immerse yourself in the culture of a different country. You'll also be able to meet other female travelers who were tired of always being disappointed with canceled travel plans.

Our trips were created to be 100% hassle-free, meaning that we do all the work for you! We organize the whole trip from airport transfers, accommodation, activities, and more! Although there will be an itinerary of activities, you will still have plenty of leisure time!

Who our trips are for

Our trips are for adventurous women who want to take charge of their lives while on a luxury vacation. We strive to empower women to stop living in fear and to travel outside their comfort zones.

We welcome women of ages seeking adventure, culture, and luxury. 


Attending our trips will allow you to surround yourself with other women who are excited to see the world. 

"Travel, not to see places but to meet people. Those are the ones who make those places memorable."